C. Buckenmaier — Combat Anesthesia

2.940 руб.

Автор: C. Buckenmaier
Название книги: Combat Anesthesia
Формат: PDF
Тема: Военная анестезия, в боевых действиях
Страницы: 602
Год: 2015
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

This book focuses on anesthesia care during the 24 hours following battle wounds. It is written by British and American physicians who began this collaboration while providing acute care to injured Soldiers of both countries at Camp Bastion and Fort Leatherneck in the Helmand province of Afghanistan. These authors, having deployed throughout Afghanistan and Iraq, address the ways in which care was delivered by U.S. and British trauma teams working together and sharing their competence. This is a story of how these expert physicians organized care and improved in-hospital patient outcomes. The principles presented in this book are also relevant to trauma care in non-military hospitals in the United States, Britain, and beyond.


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