D. Forsdyke — Evolutionary Bioinformatics (2016)

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Автор: D. Forsdyke
Название книги: Evolutionary Bioinformatics
Формат: PDF
Жанр: Биологические науки
Страницы: 494
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

Books on bioinformatics which began appearing in the mid 80s primarily served gene-hunters, and biologists who wished to construct family trees showing tidy lines of descent. Given the great pharmaceutical industry interest in genes, this trend has continued in most subsequent texts. These deal extensively with the exciting topic of gene discovery and searching databases, but hardly consider genomes as information channels through which multiple forms and levels of information, including genic information, have passed through the generations.
Prologue: To Select is Not To Preserve
Information and DNA
Memory: A Phenomenon of Arrangement
Chargaff’s First Parity Rule
Information Levels and Barriers
Parity and Non-parity
Chargaff’s Second Parity Rule
Stems and Loops
Chargaff’s Cluster Rule
Variation and Speciation
Species Survival and Arrival
The Weak Point
Chargaff’s GC rule
Conflict Within Genomes
Conflict Resolution
Exons and Introns
Conflict Between Genomes
The Crowded Cytosol
Sex and Error-Correction
Rebooting the Genome
The Fifth Letter
Information and Mind
Memory: What Is Arranged and Where?
Certainty Now Uncertain
Epilogue: To Preserve is Not To Select
A: What the Graph Says
B: Scoring Information Potential
C: Selection Level for PR2?
D: K-mer Probabilities and Genome Size
E: No Line?


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