Frederick Menick — Nasal Reconstruction

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Автор: Frederick Menick
Название книги: Nasal Reconstruction
Формат: PDF
Тема: Ринопластика
Страницы: 767
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

A nasal reconstruction authority shows you how to obtain the best outcomes and repair unsatisfactory results from former surgeries. In addition to presenting the latest principles and techniques, this new resource also examines evolving concepts and methods, keeping you at the forefront of today’s practice. The book emphasizes the restoration of nasal defects―from simple to complex―and achieving normal appearance and function. Comprehensive coverage of all nasal injuries and available surgical methods―both cutting edge as well as older, established approaches―help you choose the best approach for each patient and situation. Full-color clinical photos offer real-life clinical views of conditions and step-by-step surgical results

Offers detailed coverage of the principles of nasal reconstruction and application of the aesthetic principles as they apply to the whole face.
Discusses design, planning, technique, and pitfalls to avoid for the full range of nasal reconstruction for complete surgical management guidance.
Covers the latest topics in reconstruction including three-stage forehead flap • repair of the cocaine nose • advances in the use of free flaps for lining • forehead skin graft • microvascular reconstruction of the nose and face • and revision surgery to equip you to meet a wide range of surgical needs.
Features guidance on reconstruction of nasal defects due to cancer, trauma, infection, congential deformity, drug abuse, and collagen vascular disease.
Provides expert advice on revision surgery―as well as refinement/touch-up procedures―to effectively handle a previously repaired nose.


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