John McFadden — Common Contact Allergens (2020)

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Автор: John McFadden
Название книги: Common Contact Allergens
Формат: PDF
Тема: Аллергены, аллергология
Количество страниц: 328
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

How to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis, perform and interpret patch tests, and select the best treatment options

Written for a broad range of dermatologic professionals, Common Contact Allergens is a straightforward and useful guide that bridges the gap between detailed reference texts and basic handbooks on contact allergy, making it an ideal addition to general dermatology practices for practical use in the office.

The first section of the book leads practitioners through the steps necessary to effectively and accurately perform patch testing. This covers basic immunological knowledge, various ways in which contact allergy can present, patch test techniques, and how to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis. Giving attention to all standard allergens, the second section offers an overview of the current literature on each, with detailed analysis on determining the clinical relevance of a positive patch test reaction. This convenient companion:

Offers universally applicable guidance on when and how to perform patch testing, as well as how to interpret test reactions and arrive at accurate diagnoses
Characterizes allergens from the Standard ‘Baseline’ Series, the International Series, and the T.R.U.E. Test Series
Profiles allergens such as metals, fragrances, medicaments, rubber chemicals, plant chemicals, hair and clothing dyes, excipients, and resins
Contains case reports, clinical images, patch test tips, and more
Features color-coded exposure templates for easy consultation
Provides key pointers on how to take patient histories and handle challenging cases
Introduces new concepts such as ‘microhistory’ and ‘microexamination’
Allows access to online supplementary material featuring CAS numbers, toxicology, immunology, prevalence rates, chemical structures, additional case reports, and more


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