Mark B. Constantian — Rhinoplasty (Plus Video Content)

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Автор: Mark B. Constantian
Название книги: Rhinoplasty
Формат: PDF
Тема: Ринопластика
Страницы: 1494
Видео: Доступ к роликам на 3-ей странице книги
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

For many surgeons, rhinoplasty is seen as a complex and often mystifying operation. This book takes the mystery out of rhinoplasty, making it both understandable and controllable, demonstrating that function can always be improved, and showing how particular postoperative shapes can be achieved with a high level of certainty. It will provide you with the basic skills and understanding of how rhinoplasty works in both primary and secondary nasal operations.

This comprehensive book is packed full of useful information to help you improve your rhinoplasty results. An applied anatomy chapter discusses the critical anatomic variants that are important to diagnose and how these affect the end result during different operative procedures, such as reduction of the dorsum. The surgeon learns what to expect after each operative step, and to understand how to interpret what is seen in the operating room. Another chapter focuses on the airway; it describes how to avoid creating airway problems and how to correct these problems when they occur. Multiple grafting techniques are also described with step-by-step details of how to use each type of autogenous donor material and the secrets for making the grafts work the first time. Important information is included on how you work with the different types of soft tissue covers with different patient types and specific clinical problems, including cleft lip nose, the traumatized nose, the older patient, the narrow nose, the thick-skinned nose, and the open rhinoplasty deformity. All common secondary problems are addressed in detail, such as secondary dorsal tip and supratip deformities.

Numerous innovative features and tips and tricks are included to guide the reader and enhance understanding. Icons introduce each technique, providing a visual summary of the operative strategy used for each problem discussed. Summaries of surgical plans precede each procedure. Surgical solutions to specific problems are grouped together and illustrated with step-by-step technique. Long-term results are analyzed, with inclusion of many 5-, 10-, and 15-year results


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