Chunlin Hou — Practical Microsurgery Cases

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Автор: Chunlin Hou
Название: Practical Microsurgery Cases
Формат: PDF
Тема: Микрохирургия
Количество страниц: 266
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

This book aims to introduce the most recent microsurgical techniques and applications in the pattern of illustrative case presentations, including digit replantation, toe-to-hand transplantation, peripheral nerve injuries especially total brachial plexus avulsion injury, surgical flaps.

Microsurgery appeared to be a great procedure suitable for more applications. Anatomic research of the blood supply of skin, fascia, nerve, muscle, and bone identified flaps could be carried by pedicle vessels. Transfer of these flaps and revascularization by micro-vascular anastomoses of the arteries and veins set the stages for free flaps. In free flap surgery, single-stage and complex reconstructions could be achieved, which then lead to earlier mobilization and better restoration of function with a shorter hospital stay. Today, microsurgical technique is fully matured, and micro-vascular free tissue transfer is an essential part of reconstructive surgery.

Development of microsurgery in China is introduced in the initiation of the current book. Key technical points and experience of replantation, reconstruction, tissue repair, nerve repair and reconstruction, oncological repair and reconstruction cases together with other applications of microsurgery are further demonstrated.


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