Giovanni Maciocia – Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine

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Автор: Giovanni Maciocia
Название: Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine
Формат: PDF
Тема: Китайская медицина
Количество страниц: 1125
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

Written by world-renowned author and teacher Giovanni Maciocia, Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive, highly illustrated, and easy-to-understand resource. With a focus on clear interpretations of “real world” signs and symptoms, this new edition addresses the practice beyond the theory and leads you through both basic and sophisticated levels of diagnostic interpretation. Since Chinese medicine diagnosis relies on a subtle appraisal of a patient’s disharmony, many factors beyond traditional Western symptoms are considered, including a patient’s voice, the absence of thirst, feeling hot or cold, the patient’s smell, tone of voice, and glitter of eyes. This practical resource helps students and practitioners alike carefully interpret a wide range of diagnostic nuances.

One-of-a-kind text gives you a clinical understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
Rich, unique content offers an unparalleled depth of information that is meticulously cross-referenced.
Includes all the signs and symptoms that a modern patient may present in the clinic, no matter how subtle.
Outlines the decision-making options in key situations to help you through the most challenging topics.
Case histories with diagnoses present common conditions that professionals will often find in practice.
Logically organized to help you quickly find the information you need in clinical situations.
Written by a leader in the field of Chinese medicine provides you with an expert’s clinical experience and understanding.
NEW! Clinical and Treatments notes provide practical information on acupuncture – including herbal treatment, when appropriate – for most symptoms and signs, giving the book a clinical application in therapy.
NEW! UPDATED full-color design and color photographs depict external clinical signs for more accurate clinical recognition.


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