Hereditary Gastric and Breast Cancer Syndrome (2023)


Название: Hereditary Gastric and Breast Cancer Syndrome (2023)
Формат: PDF
Тема: Медицина
Количество страниц: 412
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

In this book the editors and authors provide a comprehensive overview on basic research and clinical aspects of hereditary breast and gastric tumors. In particular, this updated editorial work aims to suggest guidelines for the clinical management of patients with hereditary diffuse gastric and lobular breast cancer. Special attention is given to E-cadherin (CDH1 gene) germline mutations, genetic screening approaches, the underlying molecular mechanisms and pathological and microscopic features. In addition, the book aims to define clinical criteria for genetic screening, and highlights current surgical treatment and clinical approaches for asymptomatic mutation carriers. Other inherited predispositions involving gastric and breast carcinoma are discussed as well.

Divided into eight sections, the book starts by providing an epidemiological overview of gastric and breast cancers, followed by a section dealing with new descriptions of genetic pathways in hereditary cancer predispositions. The third section focuses on pathological features of the diseases, in an effort to bridge the gap between discovery and cancer therapy development. Subsequent sections of the book are dedicated to endoscopy and breast imaging, as well as risk-reducing surgeries to curb the risk of developing cancer. The sixth section focuses on the generation of ideas for the identification of targets and novel treatment strategies. Finally, in the seventh section the authors share the story of two patients and their experiences with the diagnosis and treatment of hereditary cancer.

This multidisciplinary book brings together multiple disciplines in science and technology; specifically, medicine, surgery and biology. The majority of authors are members of the International Gastric Cancer Linkage Consortium (IGCLC) and of the European Cancer Prevention Organization (EJCPO), with relevant experience in this context. Offering in-depth insights into hereditary cancers, this book represents essential reading for students, researchers, and specialists who want to extend their knowledge on hereditary gastric and breast cancers.


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