Ravi Gupta — Sleep and Neuropsychiatric Disorders

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Автор: Ravi Gupta
Название: Sleep and Neuropsychiatric Disorders
Формат: PDF
Тема: Нейропсихиатрия
Количество страниц: 833
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

This book explores the intricate links between sleep and neuropsychiatric diseases. In clinical settings, understanding the development, treatment, and management of neuropsychiatric diseases poses a substantial challenge. Neuropsychiatric disorders place a significant cost on society, affecting the health of people affected, care providers, and the general community. Sleep and neuropsychiatric disease are inextricably linked. Sleep disorders are widespread in these populations and are frequently overlooked in neurology and psychiatry.
The book offers readers up-to-date information on different facets of the bidirectional connections between sleep and neuropsychiatric diseases. Following the initial fundamental science part, a unique series of chapters concentrate on the behavioural manifestations of sleep problems, a hitherto unexplored field. Additional chapters include patient evaluation techniques as well as public health implications of sleep disorders. The individual chapters cover all main mental and neurological diseases where a change in sleep is evident, and recent concepts in pathogenesis, presentation, evaluation, and treatment. Neuropsychotropic drugs must be seen as a double-edged sword when it comes to sleep and sleep disorders. Overall, this book is an excellent resource for learning about neuropsychiatric diseases and how they affect sleep while simultaneously being impacted by sleep.


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