Shalea Beckwith – Update in Pediatrics


Автор: Shalea Beckwith
Название: Update in Pediatrics
Формат: PDF
Тема: Педиатрия
Количество страниц: 715
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

Pediatrics is an evolving field of medicine and with many new advancements in knowledge, scientific research, and technology in recent years. This concise and comprehensive 2nd Edition of the textbook “Update in Pediatrics” provides an update and overview of the latest advances and current literature in Pediatrics, assisting health professionals to review cutting-edge information in the different subspecialties in Pediatrics.

This book is structured into chapters based on the various subspecialties in Pediatrics, and includes chapters ranging from traditional disciplines such as Infectious Disease and Cardiology, to more current disciplines such as Adolescent Medicine and Child Maltreatment. The team of authors is made up of experienced and expert clinicians and researchers in their respective fields.