Uldis Zarins – Form of the Head and Neck

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Автор: Uldis Zarins
Название: Form of the Head and Neck
Формат: PDF
Тема: Форма головы и шеи
Количество страниц: 224
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

As you’ve probably discovered, the face muscles have almost nothing to do with the face’s final form. Most of the time, facial muscles do not create the form itself but influence the form change. They are just moving the masses instead of being the masses. Therefore, it is the relationship between anatomy and form.

Understand and gain artistic freedom. What are the things that make a face look masculine or older? Maybe it’s the nasolabial fold, or perhaps it’s the jawline?

The head and neck have a changing structure. Face modeling and face anatomy is full of challenges. It’s rarely static, and many factors make us look different besides emotions. Factors:
– Gender
– Age
– Ethnicity
– Body type
– Bit of anatomy

These are the main topics analyzed and described in this book as to how they affect the form of a person’s head.

Using references, either photos or live models, is about copying nature.
However, in the author’s own experience, the key to success isn’t found in only copying nature but, most importantly, understanding it. If you know the basic form and how to create it, it gives you, as an artist, a lot of creative freedom.

From simple to complex.
Visual grid for describing the form. Color-coded 3D and live models. The structured approach made for artists – to properly understand the complex structures needs to be simplified first. Every element is broken down with block-outs and developed into detailed realistic shapes.

Anatomy For Artists
Uldis Zarins is a sculptor with more than 25-year experience and a professor of Anatomy at Arts Academy. Book’s central audience is digital and traditional sculpting, but they have grown to a broader sense. Sculpting as creating a realistic human using any artistic platform — people who learn and enjoy obtaining information in a visual format.


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