Suzanne Martin — Stretching and 15 Minute Stretching Workout (2 books)

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Автор: Suzanne Martin
Название книги: Stretching and 15 Minute Stretching Workout (2 books)
Формат: PDF
Жанр: Культуризм и Бодибилдинг
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1. Stretching
Discover the key to staying fit and supple with this easy-to-do stretching program. Targeted warm-up and cool-down stretches prevent sports injuries, while others effectively counter aches and pains, bad posture and the effects of aging. An added benefit is ease: this practical stretching program fits effortlessly into a busy life.
Welcome to one of life’s great pleasures. Stretching is for
everyone, young and old, from all walks of life.You don’t have
to be a contortionist, professional athlete, or even in good
shape to experience its joys and benefits. Stretching can help
you to feel better and even to look better.This book will show
you how to make it part of your lifestyle.You’ll learn about
the many ways that stretching can enhance your day-to-day
activities, whether by improving your performance at sports, or
just by making reaching up to a high shelf that little bit easier.

2. 15 Minute Stretching Workout
Here it is! Thanks to all of you who enjoyed my first Stretching
book, and especially, to all of you who contacted me to request
more Stretching and succeeded in exerting your influence in
spurring the production of this book. Here are four themes with
stretches that have been a part of my regimen for years. A special
welcome to those of you new to stretching. May you become a
lifelong convert!
Stretching is an integral part of body maintenance, as essential
as brushing your teeth. Please don’t be misled into thinking of it
as a competitive sport, where more is better. This is not the case.
Stretching is for everyone, male or female, naturally flexible or
uncomfortably stiff. Correct stretching changes how your whole
body looks, as well as providing pain relief and reducing stress.
Keep your mind open. Some of the instructions given may seem
prescriptive, but that is because the effectiveness of the stretches
lies in the set-up. Many people spend years in the gym, yet never
seem to gain results. They don’t pay attention to their set-up.
Look hard at the pictures and tips. The explanations will help
you to organize the exercise concepts in your mind, which will help
you to organize the efforts in your body to gain the greatest effect.
This may take time, so be patient.
The stretches will reveal where your body needs help.
Observe and compare one side of your body to the other. Can
you feel both sides “organizing themselves” into the movement or
position? Is any body part talking to you? Please remember that
our supple models are only demonstrators. Follow the instructions,
mimic the basic shapes, and understand the cues. Then take the
movements farther. Internalize them until you can feel every bone
inside your body. Learn to compare the way your body stretches
today to the way it stretched yesterday. Don’t compare it with the
model’s body.
Learn to see your body as it is. The famous composer
Stravinsky once said that once he knew his limitations, then
he could become creative. Until we see our bodies as they really
are, and respect their individuality, we won’t bring about change.
Take the challenge. Construct a new, improved you. These
simple exercises hold a key to your body’s potential. Permanent
change happens one little increment at a time. Each 15-minute
segment will bring you closer to a more wonderful you. Enjoy.

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