Wilfried Rahse — Cosmetic Creams (2020)

4.895 руб.

Автор: Wilfried Rahse
Название книги: Cosmetic Creams
Формат: PDF
Тема: Косметика, косметические крема
Количество страниц: 492
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

Cosmetic Creams: Development, Manufacture and Marketing of Effective Skin Care Products puts the focus on the structure and formulation of a cosmetic cream, the production process, the effect of each ingredient, as well as safety considerations. Comprehensive in scope, the book contains a basic definition of cosmetics and describes the types of skin creams currently on the market, the major ingredients used, and example compositions. The author, Wilfried Rähse?a noted expert on the topic?offers guidelines for estimating manufacturing costs and includes procedures for an effective safety assessment.

The book contains information on various aspects of skin penetration and production and covers issues like materials used and hygienic packaging. In addition, Rähse reviews legal regulations with an emphasis on the European market. He discusses GMP and EHEDG directives. This important book:

-Offers a comprehensive resource that explores all aspects of cosmetic cream manufacturing and marketing
-Provides valuable guidelines for practitioners in the field
-Covers the underlying technologies of cosmetic creams
-Includes a review of raw material and manufacturing costs, hygiene and safety, and legal regulations
-Written by an author with more than 30 years? experience in the industry

Written for cosmetic chemists, chemists in industry, chemical engineers, dermatologists, Cosmetic Creams: Development, Manufacture and Marketing of Effective Skin Care Products, offers a unique industrial perspective of the topic that is comprehensive in scope.


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