L. Presutti — Endoscopic Ear Surgery

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Автор: L. Presutti
Название книги: Endoscopic Ear Surgery
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Increasingly used as an adjunctive tool in the diagnosis
and management of ear disease, middle ear endoscopy has the potential to
decrease patient morbidity, prevent disease recurrence, and reduce costs.
Its capacity to uncover “hidden” anatomy within the small dimensions of the ear
has made it essential for functional surgery, allowing surgeons to preserve key
anatomic structures such as the cochlea and facial nerve.

Now for the
first time, the physicians who pioneered this groundbreaking minimally invasive
technique review its indications, advantages, disadvantages, and surgical

Written by the foremost leaders in the field, all members of
the International Working Group on Endoscopic Ear Surgery
Features nearly
1,000 intraoperative endoscopic images filmed with high-definition cameras, plus
outstanding line drawings that aid in understanding all concepts

Comprehensively covers the field, including chapters on endoscopic and combined
endoscopic-microscopic management of cholesteatoma, surgical restoration of
middle ear ventilation, myringoplasty, Meniere disease, tympanoplasty and stapes
surgery, revision surgery, and much more
Demonstrates state-of-the-art
endoscopic procedures in 19 instructive videos
From the unique anatomy and
pathophysiology of the middle ear through diagnosis, surgical indications,
procedures, and instrumentation, this book is indispensable for all
otolaryngologists and neurotologists. It offers a full picture of the
field today, as well as exploring the future possibilities of ear endoscopes
alone or in combination with operative microscopes for the most effective
treatment of middle ear pathologies.


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