Sandra J. Shin — A Comprehensive Guide to Core Needle Biopsies of the Breast

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Автор: Sandra J. Shin
Название: A Comprehensive Guide to Core Needle Biopsies of the Breast
Формат: PDF
Тема: Биопсия, Рак груди, рак молочной железы, болезни молочных желез, онкология, маммология, маммография
Количество страниц: 1025
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

Breast cancer remains the leading cause of cancer in women, which makes accurate diagnoses on core needle biopsy (CNB) specimens of vital importance in staging and guiding therapy decisions for patients. The first edition of this multi-authored text written by leaders in the field from major academic medical centers provided a comprehensive guide on diagnostic breast pathology in the core biopsy setting. In addition to in-depth coverage of benign and malignant entities encountered in breast core biopsies, the book provided additional resources to improve diagnostic accuracy such as pattern-based approaches to evaluation, mimickers of breast lesions arising in extra-mammary sites, and pitfalls specific to small tissue samples.
In recent years, there have been several notable developments in the field of breast pathology including revisions in AJCC breast cancer staging, updated guidelines in the testing and reporting of ER, PR, and HER2, as well as implementation of immunotherapy and companion biomarker testing. In addition, several key updates were included in the most recent edition of the WHO Classification of Breast Tumours (2020).

In addition to updates specific to individual breast entities, the second edition will detail updates regarding biomarker testing in the primary and metastatic setting, and incorporate newly defined entities and updated definitions of rare tumors in alignment with the WHO Classification of Breast Tumours (2020). Furthermore, this edition will address the role of CNB in companion biomarker testing for eligibility for immunotherapy in the context of advanced triple-negative breast carcinoma.


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