Rebecca L. Remillard – Equine Clinical Nutrition


Автор: Rebecca L. Remillard
Название: Equine Clinical Nutrition
Формат: PDF
Тема: Кормление лошадей
Количество страниц: 573
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

The second edition of Equine Clinical Nutrition is a fully updated and expanded revision of the classic student text on nutritional management of horses, covering updated nutrient recommendations, rations, feeding management, clinical nutrition and many other important topics in the field. To aid in reader comprehension, this new edition takes a new instructional approach to nutritional management using an iterative sequence of defined procedures.

Divided into distinct sections for easy accessibility, this book is a comprehensive resource for feeding practices and management of healthy and sick horses alike. A thorough understanding of life stages, anatomy, physiology, and behavior underpins the practice of clinical nutrition.

Sample topics covered in Equine Clinical Nutrition include:

The evolution of horses to changing food supply, the importance of their microbiome, and the behavior patterns of feeding and drinking
Nutrient metabolism of water, energy, protein, minerals, and vitamins, plus ration assessment, farm investigations, forages, and toxic plants
Manufactured feeds, dietary supplements, USA feed regulations, and feed safety protocols
Nutritional assessment of horses by life stage, recognizing pain and discomfort behaviors, and dietary management of weight and major system disorders


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