D. Sakas — Operative Neuromodulation (2 Volume set)

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Автор: D. Sakas
Название книги: Operative Neuromodulation (2 Volume set)
Формат: PDF
Тема: Оперативная нейромодуляция, Нейрохирургия
Страницы: 1018
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Volume 1: Functional Neuroprosthetic Surgery

This is the first part in a two-volume work on neuromodulation. It describes techniques and procedures applied in internal contact with non-neural tissues surrounding the nervous system (dura or cerebrospinal fluid), as in the case of epidural stimulation for pain or intrathecal drug application for the treatment of spasticity and pain. In addition, coverage also includes a special section on non-invasive functional neuroprosthetic systems.

Volume 2: Neural Networks Surgery

This is the second part in a two-volume work on neuromodulation. It describes the techniques and procedures applied by direct contact with the central nervous system or cranial nerves (in order to modulate the function of neural networks) or in deeply located structures inside the nervous system (in order to alter the function on specific networks).

Описание товара

Operative Neuromodulation is a rapidly evolving multidisciplinary
biomedical and biotechnological field that
opens new options and possibilities not only for helping
patients but also for understanding the role of the
nervous system in modulating all other bodily systems.
Many specialties are involved and multidisciplinary collaboration
is necessary for the further progress of the
field. The International Neuromodulation Society (INS)
exists to promote, disseminate, and to be an advocate for
the science, education, best practice and accessibility
of all aspects of neuromodulation. The INS is directly
associated with the International Functional Electrical
Stimulation Society (IFESS) which aims to promote the
research, application, and understanding of electrical stimulation
as it is utilized in the field of medicine. The
World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS)
has realised the potential of the field and recently created
a Neuromodulation Committee. Undoubtedly, many other
neuromodulation committees will be founded in other
specialties and all of them, in close collaboration with
the INS, will advance neuromodulation. With this book,
we aim to facilitate a world-wide dissemination of authoritative
information regarding this scientific and clinical
field, and to promote an expansion of current medical
practice and research into this area. Furthermore, we wish
to contribute towards a constructive integrative relationship
between the biomedical and technological fields
involved in neuromodulation. It is hoped that this book
will have a positive impact in the continuously evolving
research and practice of neuromodulation


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