Peri-operative Anesthetic Management in Liver Transplantation (2023)

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Название: Peri-operative Anesthetic Management in Liver Transplantation (2023)
Формат: PDF
Тема: Трансплантация печени
Количество страниц: 603
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

The book covers all aspects of peri-operative anesthetic management of liver transplant patients. It provides a comprehensive coverage of the relevant history, surgeons’, hepatologists’, intensivists’ and pediatricians’ perspective of the disease, its pathogenesis, clinical presentation and indication for transplant. It discusses the practical aspects like fluid management and use of vasopressors. The book is divided into sections for a better and comprehensive delivery of information. Individual sections provide up to date information on the pre-operative issues and optimisation, intra-operative care and management and post-operative critical care issues and management of all transplant patients with special emphasis on recent advances. Separate sections cover ICU care of these patients in great detail and anesthetic management of pediatric liver transplant. The book includes anesthetic techniques involved in conducting multiorgan transplant. It discusses clinical approach to a patient with acute liver failure, brain death criteria and laws and organ donor management. It also presents newer techniques and methodologies adopted in the field of liver transplant. It includes ample illustrations, flowcharts, key points in each chapter, figures and photographs. The book contains chapters focusing on post-transplant patients presenting for non-transplant surgery.


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