A. L. Baert – Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Ischemic Stroke

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Автор: A. L. Baert
Название книги: Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Ischemic Stroke
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Жанр: Медицина
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Provides a comprehensive summary of the current role of MR imaging in patients with ischemic stroke.

Specifically designed to meet the needs of both clinicians and radiologists.

Documents the MR correlates of specific stroke syndromes.

Contains many high-quality illustrations.

Cerebrovascular diseases have an enormous and increasing impact on societies: they rank
among the leading causes of death, are often associated with chronic handicap, and cause
high costs for primary treatment, rehabilitation and chronic care. The advent of treatment
options such as reperfusion therapies and, to a lesser degree, neuroprotective strategies on
the one hand, and growing means to enhance rehabilitation and functional plasticity on the
other hand, urges physicians to diagnose stroke subtypes as early and precisely as possible.
The localization, extent and pathology of lesions should be recognized and followed up by
imaging methods in order to develop and direct therapeutic approaches, detect complications,
and start prevention.
Modern MR imaging and spectroscopy has provided new insights into the pathophysiology
of stroke and offers a wide range of available technologies that have not by far been
explored to their limits. Animal experiments have contributed considerably to our current
understanding of the underlying mechanisms of cerebral ischemia. Diffusion-weighted MR
imaging provides the best sensitivity for detection of patterns of ischemic lesions in acute
stroke patients. Although it is still too early to assess the true potential of MR methods for
stroke, nevertheless an attempt has to be made to demonstrate the diagnostic and scientifi c
capabilities of MR imaging in ischemic stroke and related disorders. This is the purpose of
our book.
When starting this project, it became clear that close correlations should be drawn
between pathology, clinical picture and imaging fi ndings. This book competes with a variety
of publications, but differs from all of them in that it brings together what modern medical
teaching offers to students: a comprehensive presentation of pathological features of cerebrovascular
disease, an up-to-date clinical description of stroke syndromes, and the footprints
of clinically relevant stroke syndromes in MR imaging modalities. For example, the reader
who comes across a case of symptomatic carotid stenosis with ipsilateral MCA stroke can
choose to consult Chap. 15 on occlusive carotid disease, but alternatively may be interested
in reading about vascular pathology (Chap. 5) or disturbed brain perfusion (Chap. 6). Finally,
he/she may be inclined to fi nd out more about the therapeutic impact of imaging fi ndings
as presented in Chap. 3.
The dual concept of presenting MR imaging of stroke pathology and MR correlates of
stroke syndromes has led to the division of this volume into two parts (Parts 2 and 3), preceded
by Part 1 with introductory chapters on clinically relevant syndromes and information
on the clinical and therapeutic effi cacy of MR imaging. We hope that readers will fi nd it
intriguing to use the book and will always feel free to inform us about ways to improve this


A. L. Baert - MRI in Ischemic Stroke


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