Paul M. Paulman — Family Medicine (2022)

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Автор: Paul M. Paulman
Название: Family Medicine
Формат: PDF
Тема: Семейная Медицина
Количество страниц: 1919
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

Since the publication of the 7th edition of this book, there has been a remarkable increase in information in several clinical areas, including cardiology, immunology and oncology. This rapid knowledge expansion has led to practice changes for family physicians and other primary care providers. Patients are now discharged from tertiary care hospitals to their home communities with life sustaining left ventricular assist “heart pumps”. Hepatitis C, once an incurable illness, is now routinely cured. Oncology treatment regimens are increasingly becoming ambulatory and individualized. The decreased cost and increasing availability of health monitoring devices will make it possible for physicians to remotely check on the health status of their patients in their homes. With the ongoing and worsening shortage of family physicians across the US, the practice model for family medicine in the future may tend toward a family physician supervising a cast of mid-level providers as they care for a panel of patients, versus the physician providing the majority of care. All of these changes will require practice pattern changes and a need for up to date sources of information for the family physician.

In addition, the “family” of family medicine academic organizations is undertaking a major review of the practice, training, funding and evaluation of all aspects of family medicine. Eight family medicine organizations have launched the “Family Medicine for America’s Health” (FMAHealth) with the expressed purpose “to strategically align work to improve practice models, payment, technology, workforce and education, and research to support the triple aim”. This project has moved past the study phase and will soon move to the implementation phased.

This book is organized into short, focused chapters almost exclusively dedicated to topics relevant to daily practice. All lead authors are themselves accomplished family physicians who can specifically address the needs, concerns, and interests of this crucial profession. As one of the key reference textbooks for family medicine, it is very important to provide the most up-to-date knowledge to support learners and practitioners of family medicine in the face of rapidly expanding clinical knowledge and the extensive self-examination of family medicine.


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