Daniel David – Evidence Based Psychotherapy (2018)

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Автор: Daniel David
Название книги: Evidence Based Psychotherapy (2018)
Формат: PDF
Тема: Доказательная психотерапия
Страницы: 541
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

A Comprehensive, Systematic Evaluation of Treatment Effectiveness for Major Psychological Disorders

With over 500 types of psychotherapy being practiced in the field today, navigating the maze of possible treatments can be daunting for clinicians and researchers, as well as for consumers who seek help in obtaining psychological services. Evidence-Based Psychotherapy: The State of Science and Practice offers a roadmap to identifying the most appropriate and efficacious interventions, and provides the most comprehensive review to date of treatments for psychological disorders most often encountered in clinical practice.

Each chapter applies a rigorous assessment framework to evaluate psychotherapeutic interventions for a specific disorder. The authors include the reader in the evaluation scheme by describing both effective and potentially non-effective treatments. Assessments are based upon the extant research evidence regarding both clinical efficacy and support of underyling theory. Ultimately, the book seeks to inform treatment planning and enhance therapeutic outcomes.

Evidence-Based Psychotherapy: The State of Science and Practice:

Presents the available scientific research for evidence-based psychotherapies commonly practiced today
Systematically evaluates theory and intervention efficacy based on the David and Montgomery nine-category evaluative framework
Covers essential modes of treatment for major disorders, including bipolar disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, PTSD, eating disorders, alcohol use disorder, major depressive disorder, phobias, and more
Includes insightful discussion of clinical practice written by leading experts
Clarifies “evidence-based practice” versus “evidence-based science” and offers historical context for the development of the treatments under discussion


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