Yeo-Kyu Youn — Color Atlas of Thyroid Surgery (Plus Video Content)

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Автор: Yeo-Kyu Youn
Название книги: Color Atlas of Thyroid Surgery
Формат: PDF
Тема: Хирургия щитовидной железы
Количество страниц: 157
ISBN 978-3-642-37261-2
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

This color atlas is a detailed guide on how to perform open, endoscopic, and robotic thyroidectomy techniques safely and effectively. Each chapter offers step-by-step descriptions of essential surgical procedures and techniques. Relevant information is included on surgical anatomy, and clear guidance is provided on preoperative set-up, draping, instrumentation, and complications and their treatment. The description of endoscopic thyroidectomy techniques focuses on the bilateral axillo-breast approach (BABA), while in the case of robotic thyroidectomy both BABA and the bilateral axillo-postauricular approach are described. In each case, the evidence supporting the technique is carefully examined. In the closing chapter, the role of new energy sources in thyroid surgery is discussed. The lucid text is supported by more than 200 full-color illustrations clarifying surgical anatomy, instrumentation, and procedures, and surgical video clips are also available to readers via a website. This atlas will be invaluable in enabling surgeons to achieve optimal outcomes when performing thyroid surgery.


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