John Tebbetts – Augmentation Mammaplasty


Автор: John Tebbetts
Название книги: Augmentation Mammaplasty
Формат: PDF
Тема: Пластическая и реконструктивная хирургия
Страницы: 614
Видео: Monopolar Forceps, Recovery Surgery
Качество: Изначально компьютерное, E-book

John B. Tebbetts, MD, a pioneer in the field of breast augmentation, redefines the surgeon/patient experience in this comprehensive book. By exhaustively covering everything you need to know about breast augmentation, Dr. Tebbets allows for tightly focused guidance that is principle- rather than experienced-based, with numerous decision-making algorithms and outcome-based techniques, not just one-answer solutions. The book addresses topics that range from anesthesia and case studies of specific implants to practical matters like practice management.

Focuses exclusively on breast augmentation to make coverage as comprehensive as possible.
Includes much-needed information on practice management, including patient consent, systems analysis, marketing, and data acquisitions.
Addresses pre-, intra-, and postoperative care of patient for guidance from start to finish.
Utilizes a separate chapter for each approach to breast augmentation: inframammary, axillary, periaereolar, or umbilical.
Incorporates case studies of specific implants to help you make the right decision for your patients.
Details TEPID (Tissue characteristics of the Envelope and Parenchyma, the Implant, and Dimensions and filler dynamics of the implant) system: the first three-dimensional modeling system for quantitating tissue characteristics.
Provides 15 decision-making algorithms for all aspects of implant selection, surgery, and complications—-the only published resource to do so.


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