Velupillai Ilankovan – Local Flaps in Facial Reconstruction (Second edition)


Автор: Velupillai Ilankovan
Название: Local Flaps in Facial Reconstruction (Second edition)
Формат: PDF
Тема: Реконструкция лица
Количество страниц: 505
Качество: Компьютерное, издательское

Written by three consultants with extensive skin cancer experience and international reputations for excellence, this book provides comprehensive practical solutions for defects in the head and neck region that clinicians are confronted with in day-to-day practice. The first edition of the “local flaps in facial reconstruction- a defect base approach” was published nearly four years ago and has since been well received around the world and translated into other languages. This second edition is intended to facilitate the decision-making process and provide practical,step-by-step guidance on reconstructing specific defects in the facial region.
The frequency of skin cancer continues to rise around the globe, and clinicians with various backgrounds are involved in the care of these patients. In this book, new procedures are described and “old” ones re-evaluated. The current edition has been extensively updated with new text and diagrams so as to provide comprehensive practical solutions for frequently encountered facial defects. Color diagrams and clinical photographs have been included where necessary to provide additional details. The original ethos of creating a text that can be used in everyday practice, while also including personal comments, is maintained.Given the scope, the book is ideal for use by clinicians and trainees in daily practice, and will help to achieve excellent cosmetic outcomes in this aesthetically sensitive part of the body.